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Argentum Entertainment is a content creation and production company dedicated to creating quality projects for mass audiences by appealing to what we believe is the highest demand in entertainment - just good stories. No exceptions.  Our desire is to create and produce feature films and television series with no gratuitous objectionable content; whose relatable characters and themes result in captivating storytelling.


Argentum is the Latin word for "silver".  Silver, a precious metal, requires a specific process of removing impurities and flaws in order to find its most valuable form. We believe the same must go for the silver screen. Stories and ideas on their own require a refining process in order to find their value as a marketable commodity and art form. Our company works diligently to ensure that the films we create remove the impurities and flaws, leaving only the most valuable substances on screen.  Argentum exists to create powerful, humorous, truthful, and heartfelt stories that both hold the highest appeal to audiences, and stand the test of time. 



"Perhaps no better example of the newfound cooperation between Christianity and Hollywood can be found than the production company ARGENTUM ENTERTAINMENT, which was born when the 'Fireproof Lady' came into contact with the 'Friday Night Lights Guy'."

World News Daily

A Veteran and Women-Led Entertainment Company




Within his nearly 20 yrs of industry experience, Drew has found success both behind and in front of the camera. Most recognized for his roles on the hit TV series Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad, Drew channeled his industry contacts into the opening of his production company, Argentum Entertainment. Drew is an actor, director, and producer, eager to bring fresh ideas to life.



With nearly 20 years of entertainment experience, Erin's film career began in the starring role of 2008's #1 independent film, Fireproof. She then expanded her talents to include both performer & freelance marketer for companies like the Walt Disney Co. & Fox Home Entertainment. Now through producing with Argentum, Erin brings a unique understanding of the industry to quality projects.

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