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Argentum is a veteran-owned husband and wife team with a diverse background in production.

We are uniquely set up to facilitate your production needs from A-Z.

We specialize in budgets from $400k - $2M

Our top-level production team has a combined on-set experience of over 50 years. We lead with enthusiasm, working hard to create a healthy and collaborative working environment where all departments can thrive. Our team has worked across all areas of production and brings to the table unique understanding of how the technical, creative, organizational and human aspects of the industry can work most cohesively to achieve success.

Find out more about how the team at Argentum can assist you with:

- Writing and Development of Screenplays -

- Creative Development of Projects for Maximum Marketability -

- Boots on the Ground Production Services - 

- Production Budgeting and Hiring - 

 - Casting and Creative Development of Your Project - 

- Post-Production Supervision -

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